Allylix Inc. develops terpene products and their derivatives for the flavor and fragrance, food ingredient, pharmaceutical, agricultural and biofuel markets. Allylix's technology produces high-value natural terpenes in greater quantities, of higher quality, and at significantly lower cost than traditional sources.

AquaSpy develops, manufactures, markets and distributes moisture sensors and smart information technology for the irrigation market. Its intelligent water monitoring systems have broad agricultural applications and are designed to help farmers manage and reduce irrigation costs.

Aratana Therapeutics leverages human pharmaceutical and biotechnology drug development for compounds to develop into new treatments for animals. The company focuses on drugs for major diseases and unmet needs in animal health, and applies a capital and time efficient development model to streamline the path to regulatory approval.

Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc. (EOSi) produces proprietary premium carbon sources for use as an electron donor for the removal of nitrate nitrogen in wastewater. The solutions provided by EOSi are safer, more economical and environmentally safer than existing products.

Divergence is a research and development company employing comparative and functional genomics to identify compounds, proteins, and genes to control parasitic nematode infections in plants, animals, and people.

Divergence was wholly acquired by Monsanto Company on February 22nd, 2011.

Harvest develops novel robotics and materials handling systems for agriculture and greenhouse applications.

Rivertop’s capital-efficient chemistry produces sustainable replacements for non-renewable phosphates and enables development of new polymers. Rivertop is first applying its oxidation platform technology to produce salts of glucaric acid for use by the detergent, transportation, industrial water treatment, building materials and agricultural markets.

Proterro is the only biofeedstock company that makes sucrose instead of extracting it from crops or deconstructing cellulosic materials. Using CO2, sunlight



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